Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development Receives Historic Funding

March 14, 2022

[MISSISSAUGA] – Today in Mississauga East-Cooksville, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, joined MPP Kaleed Rasheed and the board members of Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development (CACD) to announce the $400,000 investment made by the Ontario Government to support black student success by promoting greater access to after-school programming for Black and racialized youth in Peel Region.

“This funding is welcomed with open arms as this will benefit visible minority students in our community as they will have greater access to programming that will assist with their academic goals, postsecondary preparation, and personal growth,” said MPP Rasheed. “I have the utmost confidence in CACD’s board members to manage this funding appropriately and offer top-quality programs that will cater to the needs of our youth.”

This funding is a small part of the commitment made by the province to expand access to quality learning environments that are free of discrimination or bias.

“Ontario is taking action to ensure our schools are safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning centres so that all students are able to achieve lifelong success,” said Minister of Education Stephen Lecce. “Our government is partnering to break down barriers for racialized students, celebrate black student excellence, and expand access to learning recovery, tutoring, and mental health supports.”

The Ontario government is committed to ending long-standing inequalities that have disproportionately affected racialized children through higher rates of suspensions and expulsions, higher rates of being streamed into applied programs, lower graduation rates, and lower rates of transitioning into postsecondary education.


“This new COVID-19 Equity Support Funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education will assist Black students and other minority groups with mentoring, mental health, and life skills programs, as well as academic support, career guidance, and pathways to postsecondary education and employment. In addition, this funding will be used to help students to confront racism and eliminate barriers to success. We are grateful to the government for helping support Ontario’s Black and other minority students.”

– Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development


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